Council 2020/2021

Dallas Nygard & Sarah Laframboise


Dallas and Sarah are both 3rd year PhD Students who previously served as your VP Academic and VP Outreach, respectively, on the BMIGSA Council. This year they will be joining forces to run as your Co-Presidents! You will find Dallas hacking the genetic mainframe in the Lavallee-Adam Lab, and Sarah working with yeast in the Baetz Lab. Dallas and Sarah are committed to creating a warm, supportive environment for students in the time of COVID and remote work, and will do what it takes to make sure this isn’t completely the weirdest year ever. They are excited to take on this new role and do their best to serve BMI Students!

Gaganvir Parmar

VP Academic

Gaganvir is a Master’s student in Biochemistry in the lab of Dr. Mary-Ellen Harper, where I study cellular metabolism. Although it is his 2nd year into his master’s, he has been doing research in the department now way back since undergrad! As VP Academic, he will relay important program information to you, voice your feedback concerning academic affairs to the faculty, and organize academic events. Through his leadership role in coordinating an interdisciplinary, cross faculty journal club which includes some labs in BMI (a part of the MATRIX metabolomics training program), he has gained the expertise in organizing and communicating academic events between students and program directors.

Zier Zhou

VP Social

Zier is a MSc Biochemistry student in Dr. Rayner’s lab at the uOttawa Heart Institute. Her research involves exploring microRNA molecules related to inflammation and cell death in atherosclerosis. As VP Social, She’s excited to help promote a positive and inclusive environment for all BMI graduate students. If you have any ideas for fun events you’d like to see this year, feel free to contact her!

Emily Hashimoto-Roth

VP Social Media

Emily is an MSc student in Dr. Mathieu Lavallée-Adam’s lab, whose research focuses on using machine learning to mine and analyze mass spectrometry data in the context of investigating protein-protein interactions. She is also the Communications Director for a federal not-for-profit organization, Pulsar Collective. Outside of school and work, she is an avid baker (although, a little chemistry knowledge doesn’t hurt here!) and amateur photographer. As VP Social Media, she will be disseminating information on the BMIGSA channels, engaging BMI graduate students and promptly keeping them up to date on all BMIGSA activities.

Tyler Smith

VP Internal

Tyler Smith is a second year MSc candidate in the Fullerton Lab where he investigates the links between immune cell metabolism and inflammation. As VP Internal, He attends BMI faculty meetings to keep up with new departmental developments and to bring forward the concerns of the BMI student body.

Viya Vijithakumar

VP Communication

Viya is a second year MSc candidate in the Ouimet Lab at the uOttawa Heart Institute. She researches the role of lipid transfer proteins in astrocytes. As VP Communication, she ensures that all students are aware of the amazing ongoing events hosted by BMIGSA and the department.

Marlena Scaffidi

VP Archives

Marlena is starting her first year as an MSc student in Dr. Auer’s lab. Her project is focused on improving natural killer cell function in cancer patients following surgery. She is eager to become involved in the graduate student community! AsVP archives, Marlena would be responsible for maintaining
records for the council and taking meeting notes.

Toka Hussein

VP Wellness

Toka is a second year MSc student in Biochemistry in Jyh-Yeuan (Eric) Lee’s lab. Feeling mentally well and put together is very crucial for each of us whether through our studies or our life in general and for that reason, Toka has joined the BMIGSA as VP Wellness. Graduate student life has its pressure and maintaining our mental health is essential for our success here and after we graduate. She aims to organize events that can help us enhance our wellness through tools, skills, and social gatherings

Ciara Pember

VP Finance

Ciara is a MSc. candidate in Dr. Morgan Fullerton’s lab. She is endeavouring to better understand the role of choline metabolism of immune cells. She looks forward to supporting you as VP Finance by bringing you engaging events and opportunities this upcoming term.

Sara El-Sahli

VP External

Sara is a PhD student in Dr. Lisheng Wang’s lab working on targeting an aggressive subtype of breast cancer through small molecule inhibitors. Over the past year, she has served as the president of the BMIGSA where she worked to maintain the proper functioning of the council and ensure an optimal
student experience for all BMI students. This year, as VP External, she will be representing the council to external entities and ensuring the lines of communication between the GSA and other associations are open. She looks forward to creating another great year with the BMIGSA!

Nadya Morrow

VP Outreach

Nadya is a 2nd year PhD student in Dr. Erin Mulvihill’s lab at the Heart Institute. Previously, she has organized a fundraising dinner for The Hospice of Windsor. This year more than ever, it’s so important to connect with our community. She looks forward to making the most of our virtual outreach events!

Gairrett Fairman

Heart Institute Representative

Garrett is PhD student in the Ouimet lab and also works closely with the Baetz lab where he studies lipophagy in macrophages and in yeast. As someone working at both RGN and the Heart Institute he looks forward to fostering communication and links between BMI students at both locations.